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National Government Services has been at the forefront of developing federal health care and has helped create the nation’s premier health care programs via NGS Medicare since 1966. National Government Services is a division of Anthem, Inc.


Anthem is recognized as one of the world’s largest health care plans. country health insurance. with approximately 40 million members in its affiliated health plans and approximately 73 million people served through its subsidiaries.

Solutions To Common Problems

Tips for resolving Common Marriott Employee Login Portal login issues

Like other popular employee portals, Marriott Global Source web portal users face common issues such as Login errors, login errors, slow loading times, and accessibility issues. But even these can be solved easily, you just need to follow the tips given here in this section.

  • Using a firewall/antivirus system is a good thing, but sometimes these cybersecurity software applications block access to various websites if they deem them suspicious. So make sure that the portal is not included in the blacklists.
  • Website load times often decrease if you have a large cache and search history stored in your browser. Delete them and the web browser will work fine.
  • Make sure you enter the correct login information as the account may be locked if you enter the wrong information 3 times.
  • Please do not use the autocomplete feature as it sometimes does not match login information from one site to another. You can safely save your data in a secure folder for future reference.
  • The Internet connection you use when using this web portal must always have access to a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Check the web address carefully, as many fraudulent websites can impersonate the original portal.
  • Access the Marriott Employee Portal using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer and update your browser regularly to access all features.

Through the Marriott online portal, members can enjoy special benefits such as discounts at Marriott hotels worldwide, dedicated help from all types of members, discounts at restaurants and select shopping and coupons.