Frequently Asked Questions

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Medical Savings Account Plans (MSA), Medicare Advantage, Medicare Cost Plans, PACE, and Medicare Transition Plans (MTM) are all Medicare health plans.


In many cases, your NGS Medicare coverage depends on where you live. All tests, items, and services are included in this chart (covered and non-covered) when coverage is the same regardless of your location. There are company-sponsored health plans as well as collective health plans offered by employers and unions. Some plans cover certain medically complex conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are national government agencies doing?

National Government Services is a government contractor specializing in healthcare IT, consulting, and administrative services. We have a broad portfolio of services and a strong track record of exceeding our customers’ expectations.

What is the history of NGS Medicare?

National Government Services is the result of the merger of five distinct entities.

  •     AdminaStar Federal, Inc. (anthem)
  •     New Hampshire Anthem Health Plans (anthem)
  •     Associated Hospital Services (hymn)
  •     Empire Health Insurance Services (WellChoice)
  •     United Government Services (WellPoint Health Networks)

Is NGS Medicare a federal agency?

No. We are a federal government contractor providing IT services, consulting, and healthcare solutions for the federal government.

What makes national government services unique?

Many technology companies and systems integrators have entered the federal health informatics market. NGS Medicare is one of the few organizations that is 100% focused on government health care. Our core competence and five decades of experience make us a true industry pioneer.

Who owns the national concessionaires?

Anthem, Inc., a national healthcare company with a combined membership of approximately 40 million, has a subsidiary, National Government Services, which serves approximately 73 million people.

Some services may only be covered at certain facilities or for patients with certain medical conditions. Medical care to prevent illness (eg, flu) or to catch it early, when treatment is most likely to work.