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Medicare benefit Plan Cost

What is paid in a Medicare Advantage plan?

Your deductible on a Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan depends on:

  • If a monthly premium is charged for the plan. In most cases, the monthly premium is $0. As a member of a plan that requires a premium, you must also pay your Part B premium (and possibly your Part A premium if you do not have a non-premium Part A premium ).
  • You need to verify that the plan covers the monthly premium for NGS Medicare Part B (health insurance). Some plans help pay all or part of the Part B premium. This is sometimes called a “Medicare Part B premium reduction”.
  • Whether the plan has an annual deductible or additional deductibles.
  • How much you pay for each visit or service (copayment or coinsurance). For example, the plan may require a $10 or $20 copayment for each medical appointment. These amounts may differ from the original Medicare NGS.


  • The type of healthcare you need and how often you get it.
  • When you go to a doctor or healthcare professional who accepts a referral if:
  • You have a PPO, PFFS, or MSA plan.
  • You are off the grid.
  • For example, if you follow the plan’s rules. B. Use of Network Providers.
  • If you require additional services and applicable tariff fees.
  • The plan’s annual limit on your expenses for all medical services.
  • If you have Medicaid or get help from your state.
  • monitoring
  • Each year, the plans set the rates they charge for premiums, amounts, deductibles, and services. The plan (rather than NGS Medicare) decides how much it pays for the covered services you receive. What the plan pays for can only change once a year on January 1st.