Advantage Health Programs

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Information About Medicare Advantage Plans

Part A

In general, Part A includes:

  • Hospitalization in a hospital
  • Nursing facility with specialized services
  • Care at home (hospital care provided by a qualified care facility other than a prison or a long-term care facility)
  • Care for the dying
  • Providers of home care
  • Here are two ways to determine if NGS Medicare is right for you
  • If you need certain services or supplies, discuss this with your doctor or health care provider.

Find out if they are covered by NGS Medicare. NGS Medicare may not cover something you need that is usually covered, but your provider thinks it does. In this case, you must read and sign a notice. Your notice indicates that the item, service, or delivery may need to be paid for.

You can find out if NGS Medicare covers your item, service, or accessory by visiting this page.

Part B

What’s covered? Part B includes 2 types of services

Consumables or services that meet accepted standards of medical practice and are needed to diagnose or treat your medical condition.


A preventive measure is to prevent illness (e.g., the flu) or detect it early when it can be effectively treated. You don’t pay a cent if you receive preventive care from a healthcare professional who takes your order.

It covers things like:

  • Research in clinical settings
  • Services for emergencies
  • Medical equipment that is durable (DME)
  • Psychiatry
  • Assembled
  • Observation
  • Partially hospitalized
  • Prescriptions that are limited to outpatients

2 ways to find out if NGS Medicare will cover your needs Find out why you need particular services or supplies from your doctor or other health care provider. Find out whether NGS Medicare will cover them. A provider may tell you that Medicare doesn’t cover something you need, but in your situation, NGS Medicare usually does. The notice must be signed. According to the notice, you may be charged for the item, service, or delivery.